Vector Cards Project Updates

Licensed under: LGPL 3.0

6/9/2019 – Version 3.1 Released

  • Printable versions of all cards, including backs, now available
  • Minor cleanup of bordered backs

6/5/2019 – Version 3.0 Released

  • New Project Web Page Created :
  • Court cards updated – “Shiny Happy People” set added.
  • Several New Patterned Backs Added
  • Extraneous Card sets (Multi Color) removed to streamline overall set.
  • Grayscale, B/W, Platinum and Inverted Sets added in both bordered and Printable variants.
  • Added two “Chimera” rainbow color decks (backs)
  • Printable Color Faces (print bleed) added for simpler printing.

5/18/2015 – Version 2.0.1 Released

  • Various Bug Fixes (King of Spades bad path fixed, extraneous layers removed)

5/17/2015 – Version 2.0 Released

  • Two proper Jokers added, one with a colorized version.
  • Eleven alternate decks with filtered faces added (INKSCAPE ONLY)
  • Blue Faces
  • Green Faces
  • Purple Face
  • Red Faces
  • Sepia Faces
  • Scribbled Faces
  • Worn Face
  • Worn/Dimpled Faces
  • Platinum Faces
  • Dimpled Faces
  • Oversaturated Faces
  • Many new simple patterned backs added (INKSCAPE ONLY)
  • Major updates to clean up, fix, broken paths
  • Cards resized for consistency (All Cards are now 63mm x 88mm)
  • Pips and number characters cleaned up for proper symmetry
  • Alternate B/W set (with outlines Hearts and Diamonds) added.

10/29/2011 – Version 1.3 Released

  • Additional cleanup/optimization of court cards.
  • Card Back Template added. One can add their own image or pattern.

9/11/2011 – Version 1.2 Released

  • Individual cards now offered in two versions (with or without crop
  • marks) – A minor grouping error corrected in combined color set.
  • In combined color set, Card names have been updated in xml.

6/08/2011 – Version 1.1 released

  • Wrong QH fixed. ESP cards added.

4/24/2011 – Initial 1.0 Release of Vectorized Playing Cards