Muscle Memory Reset

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Muscle Memory Reset

Post by Chris Aguilar » 1 year ago

It's going to make me sound lame, but for years I have continuously worked on making my "standard" false counts (Elmsley, Jordan, etc.) look consistent and clean. A few years back, I reached a point where muscle memory was locked in and I thought all was good. But with time, I've found that my technique is not good enough and cannot be used in the same consistent way for certain very useful (but a bit more esoteric) counts like "2 as 4" and some evolved variants of the Elmsley, Jordan, etc.

I found my solution, which is to move all counts over to Stephen Hobb's "Control Grip". However, while learning the new (and for me, better) solution, previously built up muscle memory makes it ten times more difficult than it should be.

Not sure if there's any shortcut to overcoming this, but I suppose it feels good to kvetch a bit a about it.
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