This publicly viewable (and postable) Sub-Forum

Publicly viewable forum created so Chris can bloviate in a more visible way. Available for guest commenting on a moderated basis.
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This publicly viewable (and postable) Sub-Forum

Post by Chris Aguilar » 1 year ago

Hi Everyone,

While I understand that a lot of people come here for the "members only" portions of the forums, I also wanted to add a sub forum to act as sort of a "Pseudo Blog" where I can post up publicly available topics that are available for viewing/posting by both members and non members.

Topics in this sub-forum will range (in blog fashion) from magic related (cards and otherwise) to whatever completely random thoughts I feel like sharing on any given day.

I'll take charge in creating new topics for this sub-forum, but anyone (even non members, on a moderated basis) are welcome to reply.

I've already moved a few topics (mostly from our "Off Topic Forum") to seed this new sub forum with some content.

All other forums remain strictly "Members Only", viewable only to full members.
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