About these forums.... (Please Read)

Please read the information here before attempting to register an account!
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About these forums.... (Please Read)

Post by Chris Aguilar » 17 years ago

(updated 4/26/2004)

Membership will be limited to adults (18+ years of age)and will be available to professional performers, hobbyists, and other serious students of our craft.

A few points.
  • These forums will be free for the use of our members.
  • Membership will remain limited and the forums private in an effort to foster quality conversation. All memberships will be approved by me personally.
  • The contents of these forums will not be available via any search engine or to people casually surfing the web.
  • It's my hope that the forums will eventually comprise enough data to be a resource for serious students of our craft.
  • I will do my utmost to protect the privacy of members and the conversations presented here. No e-mail addresses (or personal information) will be given out, sold or dispersed in any way without your consent. I require a valid e-mail solely for the purpose of communicating with you personally. If there is a forums outage or addition, it is possible a notification may be sent out. I have only done so once in the year and half the forums have existed. Guests will not be able to access any part of the "members only" sections without registration approval.
  • It's my intention to treat the members here as adults. Threads will not disappear mysteriously with nary an explanation to the forum at large as to where they went. Posts may eventually be archived, but they will not be capriciously deleted without explanation.
  • As part of membership, I do ask that you provide me with your real name and a valid way to contact you. Pseudonyms will not be accepted as user names. I also require that members be over 18 years of age and have a serious interest in Card Magic. Regardless of age, I ask that beginners to card magic not apply. Registered users will be allowed to post avatars with their actual picture (non-mandatory) or choose something else if they desire.(within reason of course)
  • I will do my best to keep these forums firmly focused on Card Magic. I will provide one "off topic" forum for those who want to discuss topics not covered in the main forums. It is my intention that the members here will find a place to discuss Card magic without the distractions that plague some of the public magic forums.
  • I do not intend to accept any kind of paid advertising for these forums. I am not affiliated with any magic publisher or organization and have no intention of using these forums to sell you anything or use them for profit in any way.
Information on how to apply for membership to these forums can be found here

Comments/Questions about membership can be directed to chris@conjurenation.com

Thank you.

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