----PLEASE READ------New Secure Login Link

Please read the information here before attempting to register an account!
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----PLEASE READ------New Secure Login Link

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In the interest of further securing CN member data, the forums now use an encrypted forums link that should always be used (I'll also send this information out as an e-mail blast).

Why HTTPS for Everything?

Specifically, there are two safe ways to log into the forums.

The new, secure, direct link is:



www.conjurenation.com will also get you to the forums securely (this redirects to the secured link above and is safe to use).

If you're having issues logging in with the secured links, I would suggest clearing your browser cookies (and perhaps cache) and then trying again. On windows based browsers, the quickest way to do that is to hit (all at once) "Shift-Control-Delete" which will bring up your options.

When logged in, all should work as usual except that you'll see (in your URL bar) the new link (note the "HTTPS://" denoting a secure link) with the secured (padlocked) status, which should look a little like this (Firefox browser used, but all browsers should show some kind of secured status).

Conjure Nation secure Index page.png
Conjure Nation secure Index page.png (2.71 KiB) Viewed 4747 times

Tapatalk users will (hopefully) not be affected at all. (though will perhaps have to login one more time).

If you experience any issues (login, posting, etc.) please let me know! conjurenation@gmail.com
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