Open Source Vector Playing Cards Version 3.2 Released

This is a set of poker size playing cards which has been hand crafted (by me) in a standard vector format (.SVG). All standard 52 faces are offered in one file as separate objects that can easily be cut/pasted/exported singly as desired. Standard faces are now also offered as single vectors files (one per card.)

Click here for Download link.

These copyrighted graphics can be used without cost when used in compliance with the open source LPGL 3.0 License.

LGPL 3.0 :

New in version 3.2

  • Standard card faces are now offered as as single vector files in addition to one deck per file.
  • Colors for standard faces have been improved.
  • Additional back design has been added.
  • “Number, Letters, Pips” file has been enhanced with more elements.


  • All 52 modern playing card faces plus 3 jokers
  • Optimized for size and compatible with modern web Browsers
  • Several sets offered (Color, Grayscale, B/W, Platinum, “Shiny Happy” faces)
  • Various patterned playing card backs
  • Card Elements (Pips, Letters, and Numbers)
  • These graphics were created, tested and intended for use with Inkscape, a free, open source Vector Editor, but should also work fine with Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer.

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